Rishabh Verma

Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google, Microsoft Alumni, Author, .NET Foundation member

Rishabh Verma is a Microsoft certified professional and works at Google as Senior Developer Relations Engineer. Prior to this, he worked at Microsoft as a senior development consultant, helping the customers to design, develop, and deploy enterprise-level applications. An electronic engineer by education, he has 13+ years of hardcore development experience on the .NET technology stack.

He is passionate about creating tools, Visual Studio extensions, and utilities to increase developer productivity. His interests are .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn), Visual Studio extensibility, code generation and .NET Core.

Session Title:┬áSource Generator – Step by Step


In this session, we will cover the following:

  • Step by Step Guide to write basic source generator from scratch, (slide and code side by side)
  • Debugging Source generators
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Scenarios where Source Generators can be used and make your productive

By the end of this session, C# developers with no prior knowledge of Roslyn (.NET Compilers) would learn to write the source generators and open up the world of possibilities!

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