Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

Strongbytes, Technical Lead & Microsoft MVP

Software developer and technology passionate- I enjoy building and delivering quality, all the while trying to have fun as much as possible. I am a perceptive and innovative individual that’s not afraid to exploit its best version and go the extra mile outside the comfort zone of conventional.

This exact desire, of getting out of the comfort zone, led me in the last years to changing the context from full-stack, frontend, API design to technical leadership and architecture.

Session Title: A Discussion About Reactive Systems We All Need


More than ever business applications feel the need of embracing responsiveness at its finest, be flexible, scalable, and guarantee resilience. As a result, there is an increasing tendency in adopting reactive approaches which even though seem complex in the beginning, strike as necessary for the development process of the application in the long run. What are the core concepts of the reactive paradigm? How do I decide if it’s the right tool for the job? What are the challenges when applied in real-life projects?

These will be some of the questions we will answer in order to provide a good understanding of what reactive programming stands for, what reactive systems bring to the table, how to apply design principles in various projects, and how to create fully reactive architectures.

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