Dmitry Lyalin

Program Manager at Microsoft based out of the Seattle area focused on .NET features and Visual Studio developer tooling. Projects I work on include XAML Tooling, Hot Reload, .NET MAUI and more. When not working I am a very busy (and typically exhausted) dad to a toddler, but when I do find time you’ll probably catch me playing Overwatch.

Session Title: Spend Less Time Building/Starting and More Time Coding With .NET Hot Reload


With .NET Hot Reload our goal is to save you as many app restarts between edits as possible, making you more productive by reducing the time you spend building/restarting as you continue to build your app. In this session we will look at how this technology works in Visual Studio 2022 with multiple demos. We’ll also talk about what requires .NET 6 vs. older framework versions and limitations.

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