Ashirwad Satapathi

Associate Consultant at Microsoft

Ashirwad Satapathi is working as an Associate Consultant with Microsoft and has expertise in building scalable applications with .NET Core. He has a deep understanding of building applications using .NET Core and Azure PaaS and Serverless offerings. He is an active blogger in the C# corner developer community. He is published author and has published an book on Hands-on Azure Function with C#. He has been awarded C# Corner Most Valuable Professional (MVP) – September 2020 and September 2021 for his contributions to the developer community.

He is an active speaker and delivers sessions on Blazor and Microsoft Azure. He has spoken for multiple communities like Microsoft reactor Bengaluru, ServerlessDays Amsterdam.

He is an active community organizer and helps organize events for the community. He is a member of the Outreach Committee of .NET Foundation along with managing Azure Developer Communities of his region.

Session Title: Demystifying the Azure SQL Binding of Azure Functions


Azure SQL Binding is a new Binding offered by Azure Function which let’s us interact with Azure SQL databases in a declarative way. This makes our life easy as a developer. With the help of this binding, we no longer need to write the boiler plate code interact with the Azure SQL database. In this session, we explore the Azure SQL Binding by building Serverless APIs to solve business requirements. We also will explore ways to execute complex queries as well as stored procedures using the Azure SQL Bindings.

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