Anna Fritsch-Weninger

Cloud Solution Expert at ACP IT Solutions

Anna Fritsch-Weninger studied Computer Science and English (Teaching Degree) and has been working in the IT sector since 2006. Throughout these years, she worked in different industries and IT roles within diverse technological contexts, with a general passion for Unix and Python as well as IT education.

In the last couple of years, she has been focusing exclusively on Cloud technologies, i.e. Microsoft 365 adoption and automation. She currently works as Low Code Developer and Cloud Solution Expert, with a particular interest in PowerAutomate, PowerShell, MS Graph API and SharePoint API.

Session Title: Cloud Development with Microsoft’s APIs, PowerShell and PowerAutomate


With the rise of Microsoft365 and Azure, the tech community has been given a plethora of both essential as well as powerful tools to excel in cloud development. With these, automation and cloud development are not restricted to just back-end development any more.

Instead, the cloud has enabled us to combine scripting languages, REST APIs and low-code editors in new and powerful ways that make more and more exciting solutions not only possible, but part of every-day coding life.

This session will explore how to combine e.g. Microsoft’s Graph API, SharePoint API and PowerShell in one environment (i.e. PowerAutomate) and what solutions can be achieved with this combination.

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